Sunday, May 1, 2011

Fripp Island

Class of 2029: Fisher, Evan, and Mattie.

At this point, it looks like the bigger ones can eat Fisher.
Loving these boys...
PS...Harrison refused to take his shoes off at the beach

Harrison cuddling Mattie. Seriously, he loves little babies.

I love this boy

After Easter lunch, we headed down to Fripp Island for a much needed vacation with the Reed Family. The DeMooney's came to join us for a day, which was so much fun. It was so fun to see what vacations will look like with our friends. Harrison is the oldest and he was so sweet loving on all of the babies. We even caught Emerson and Harrison on a little date on the couch one afternoon. And then little Fisher is the youngest and he is going to want to do what all of the other kids are doing. I think I learned that a trip with the kids is just a trip, while one without the kids is a vacation. I mean, I loved being there with our families, but I think a getaway for Adam and myself is in store for later this year.

Dear Reed Family, thanks for taking us on a great trip. I love our times together as it usually results in pee-your-pants funny times as well as a few tears (we may have become softies). I hope we have many more years of vacation. Next time, don't let me forget to take pictures of Harrison and Emerson loving each other. And, let's keep the wildlife to a minimum on the next vacation. It was hard for me to sleep knowing there was a slithering snake taking up residence at the house.

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Julie said...

YES! A Brantley Blog update! and with some of my favorite people in it. can't wait to see all of these babies this summer!!