Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Harrison's Modeling Debut

So, Harrison made his modeling debut for a store in Murrells Inlet. The owner happens to be my friend, but I can't help but think she asked him to be in it because he is so darn cute. That has to be it, right? Funny story about the photo shoot...Harrison was all about it when the photographer was taking his picture alone (I may have bribed him prior to shoot). Enter Henning (other cute boy). Harrison was absolutely not interested in being in a picture with him. All we tried to get him to do was stand behind the rocking chair. But he was not having it...maybe on the verge of tears. So, they took Henning's picture. He left. And then Harrison joyfully walked up to the chair and stood as we asked him to. Unbelievable. So, this picture is most definitely photo-shopped. It cracks me up.


Lesley said...

so cute! he was definitely chosen because he is cute!

Amy said...

Great story! H is precious!!