Sunday, May 8, 2011

This Kid

On Friday, Harrison had a "performance" for Mother's Day at school. After he got dressed, I asked him to run upstairs to grab his shoes. He came back down with a tie in his hands and said, "Mom, today is a special day. I want to wear this tie for you." First, he has never worn this tie. He has only worn a bow tie, and has only done that twice (the past two Easters). Lastly, who could argue with that? Seriously, I have the sweetest kid. I had to drop him off at a friend's house to ride to school and his friend's dad said, "Man, Harrison it looks like you are headed to high school." And it did...circa 1992. But he still looked sooo cute. And somehow, I think he pulled it off...maybe because I'm his mom. But look at him with his class...tell me he doesn't look like a baller.

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Joan Brantley said...

Absolutely, the best looking!!! How sweet is this!I love it!I so wish you lived next door!!!