Wednesday, April 9, 2008

3 Weeks Old

Today, Harrison is 3 weeks old and we truly cannot believe it. Everyday gets more fun as you can tell from these photos. Adam thought it would be fun to have him ride on Marley's back. Marley didn't seem to care so much; she was way more focused on the tennis ball that was on the floor.


Garrett said...

Ok, I think it's awesome that Harrison is already learning how to ride Marley...that should provide for lots of future entertainment. Also, I love his cheeks and I hope he never grows into them!


Leah said...

He's adorable and I want to just snuggle him and kiss him!!! Give him a good ole GLB squeeze for old times sake!! Right Greenie?

Grandma J said...

Mom said

You look as if being a dad suits you, I'm sure you are the best!!
God bless,
Granma J

Grandma J said...

Give Marley a hug from Grandma J, where is Chewy, how is she doing with all of this!!