Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sugar Lump says bye to Puff

If you are ever wondering where those crazy names for Grandmothers come from, I think I finally have an answer. I have only had one grandma in my life, so I have always called her grandma. I always thought my friends who called their grandmas by other names were a little off their rocker. However, once I got pregnant, I realized that my son would have three grandmas. He couldn't call all of them grandma; that would be too confusing for him (and me). After investigation, I realized that these obscure names usually come from whatever the child wants to call that particular grandma.

Well, since my mother has been out here, I have found that there is another way to "name a grandma." My mom started calling Harrison her "Sugar Lump." Yes, it is an interesting pet name, but I would imagine that her thought process (assuming she had one) in that name was that

1. he is so sweet (like sugar)

2. he is a newborn and often they just sit around in a ball or lump, if you will

So, she started calling him that as soon as she got out here. Well, I started calling her puffalump (a nod to the Fisher-Price stuffed animals introduced in '86 that I collected) probably due to the way her hair looked. And from there, it shortened to just "Puff." Sort of like Puff Daddy, but Puff Granny (only no Granny, because that sounds too old).

Now, when Harrison is 15 and he wants to know why he calls her "Puff," I will have to explain this all over again. I am sure puffalumps and Puff Daddy will not make any sense to him. But maybe others who had the same confusion as I did as to where these crazy names came from, now have a better understanding.

Puff left this morning and we are going to miss her greatly. It was a really fun two weeks. We love you Puff! And we can't wait to see in a couple of weeks in Charleston (along with all of the other yet-to-be-named grandparents).


Amy Z said...

Harrison is so cute! I know it was hard for "Puff" to leave him today. I'm glad she will get to see him soon though.

I know "Puff" from church.


Sherry Martschink said...

Puff is back home and missing Harrison so very much. Well, yes, I miss Mandy and Adam also, but most especially I miss my sugarlump. He is just the sweetest thing ever!!!! I did not want to leave him, although I needed to come home. Can't wait to see him again and hold him again.
Grandma Puff

Sherry Martschink said...

Mandy knows good and well the "puff" wasn't because of my hair; it was because of my overall shape - unfortunately.