Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Daddy Time

I tried to capture some of the sweet moments shared between Harrison and Adam last night. Harrison definitely knows him and just beams at the sound of his voice. Hopefully everyone can see how awesome of a dad Adam is by this video.

On another note, it was time to trim Harrison's nails again. His daggers had gotten so long that he left battle wounds on Puff, himself, and me. When my mom was here, she said she could never do it and that my dad used to trim my nails. I thought she was a wimp as I made my way up the stairs to trim his nails for the second time (hubris would be my downfall). I successfully cut his nails when he was about two weeks, but now he squirms a little more. I cut one nail, and drew blood! Harrison was a man about it, but I was devastated. So last night we fed Harrison and got him in a food-coma so Adam could cut his nails.


Sherry Martschink said...

Those smiles are glorious!

Leah said...

CUt his nails while he is asleep!!!
It makes is much mom drew blood doing the same thing before we ever left the hospital and i thought that he was going to bleed to seemed like forever before we could get it to stop....
love you