Friday, April 18, 2008

Look What Grandma Sherry Taught Me

I realize that this may be an accident, but Harrison has made it a lot easier to feed him. I came in from packing the car this afternoon (all 4 of us are headed to Breckenridge), and I stumbled upon my mom feeding Harrison. Only she wasn't holding the bottle; Harrison was! I keep on telling my mom that he is the smartest baby around. I think she finally believes me.

Adam is back home from Atlanta and we are off to Breckenridge. I didn't get any snowboard days this year because I was pregnant. It is the last weekend that Breck is open, so Adam and I are going to take advantage of Grandma being here so we can go snowboarding. Hopefully Harrison will make it through an entire day with Grandma. At this rate, when we return from the slopes, Harrison may be riding a bike.


Laura said...

Have fun in Breck tomorrow! Grandma Sherry will take great care of Harrison! Call us when you get back. If we are still in town, maybe we will stop by to say hi. We will be with Dave and Dana so maybe little Holland will get to meet Harrison! :)YAY! Love you! Can't wait to see Harrison soon!


Sherry Martschink said...

It is Saturday, and Harrison's mom and dad are snowboarding (or so they said.) They left us at a beautiful mountain house or lodge with snow piled up around the windows. Absolutely gorgeous. Harrison and I will do fine and have fun while they are gone. By the way, I just know Harrison is trying to talk! :) After all, today he is one month old!