Sunday, April 20, 2008


The Brantley Family and Grandma Sherry made a trip to Breckenridge for the weekend. We decided to take advantage of Grandma being here to take care of Harrison while Adam and I went snowboarding. It was the last weekend that Breck was open, so we couldn't pass that up (especially since I didn't go all season). It was also Harrison's first vacation! The weather was amazing for his first vacation.
Adam and I had a great time on the slopes, and I am sure that Harrison had an eventful time with Grandma. Everything went well until we had to go to the ER on Saturday night. Fortunately, our visit had nothing to do with Harrison. One month to the day after giving birth to Harrison, I found myself back in the hospital. Turns out that I sunburned my corneas. This same thing happened to Laura Cutter last year and while I felt bad for her, I did not give her due sympathy. If anyone ever tells you that they have this condition, then it would be appropriate for you to feel REALLY bad for them. It is a horrible feeling that makes you want to pull your eyeballs out. Actually, it feels like you have a sand storm occurring on the surface of your eyeballs and you can't do anything about it. It is pretty terrible. Anyway, Adam took me to the ER and they numbed my eyes and gave me a good deal of pain medication. They still hurt like the dickens, but hopefully they will be a little better tomorrow. Oh, and my learning from this: always protect your eyes while snowboarding/skiing. Even though it is beautiful and is 55 degrees, you still need to wear your goggles (mine were on my head). Thankfully this happened when Harrison is too young to realize that his mommy made a really bad decision.
All in all, we had a great time. Harrison got to get his first taste of the mountains, and Grandma Sherry was in heaven getting to take care of him (at least I assume that she was).

P.S. This video is just of my mom trying to picture of our little family. I thought it was pretty funny as this seems to characterize the difficult process of my mom taking our picture.


Leah said...

Didnt your mom ever teach you to not stare straight into the sun...duh!!!!!! Better sunburned corneas than your bare behind cause then I would feel sorry for the other people on the slopes....Harrison is super cute.
Love ya- Leah

Sherry Martschink said...

Okay. So I was taking a video instead of a picture. But guess who set the camera before she handed it to me? It was Harrison's mom/Adam's wife.