Thursday, April 24, 2008

Adam's Birthday

Today is Adam's birthday, so Harrison, Grandma, Adam and I decided to go to the Colorado Rockies baseball game. It was Harrison's first baseball game. I am sure that he looks forward to going to many more games with his dad. While we didn't get to see the whole game, we did stay til the end (we didn't get there until real late). Thankfully, the Rockies beat the Cubs. I think Harrison's favorite player is going to be Tulo (if he gets out of his batting slump in the near future). And thanks to Uncle Tree, Harrison already has Colorado Rockies gear to wear to the games.

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grandma joan said...

What a handsome boy! And I'm not talking about Harrison, eventhough he is cute to!! I like the cap, hope you had a great birthday. Love you, MOM