Saturday, April 26, 2008

Harrison Smiles

So Harrison has been smiling a little bit recently and it really makes my heart melt. I was trying to capture it on video yesterday for Adam to see, but everytime I would turn the video off, he would smile. So here are two short videos. The first one is when I was originally trying to get him to smile and the second one starts at the end of one of his smiles. Most of you won't find this interesting at all, but this is mainly for all of the proud grandparents (and other relatives) that Harrison has, but cannot see until the end of May. His smiles are like little blessings in my day.


Garrett said...

Keep the videos coming! It makes me feel like I am there. I love you all so much!!!


Sherry Martschink said...

Grandmomma doesn't want to leave Harrison.

Leah said...

he is so cute. can't wait to hold that tiny little thing!
Love you